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Course Names / Subjects:

Forensic Science and Criminology
Forensic Science and Fingerprint
Questioned Documents & Handwriting
Forensic Sc. & Document Examination
Document & Fingerprint Examination
CYBER (Forensics, Crimes, Law) Int.

Cyber Law
Forensic Biotech. & DNA Fingerprinting
Forensic Sc. and DNA Fingerprinting
Forensic Psychology & Criminal Profiling
Forensic Accounting & Fraud Examiner
Forensic Sc. and Forensic Medicine
Forensic Audio and Video Analysis

Cyber Forensics

Forensic Detective

Drone Technician Cum Operator

Fingerprint (Expert / Verification)

Forensic Sc. & F. Photography
Forensic Sc. & F. Odontology
Forensic Sc. & Cyber Forensics

Forensic Sc. and Fingerprint

Forensic Odontology

Forensic Medicine & Toxicology

Forensic Entomology
Cell Phone Forensics

Private Investigator (Detective)
Crime Scene Investigation

F.Sc. & Forensic Graphology

Fire and Arson Investigation
Wildlife Forensics & Nature Consr.

Forensic Pharmacy (Pharm. Jur.)

Drone Forensics

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